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My #Stargate #SG1 Jacket finally has a working zip again, yay! What a great job they did at replacing the broken one!! #Costuming


Hello Tumbr!!

We are new to the Tumblr World as a group, but please pay a visit to our website were we are trying our best to help and raise money for the fantastic charity Sanctuary for Kids! We are creative people who are also fans of the actress Amanda Tapping and we just want to do our part to make the world a better place, so please help us! :)

Please check out this AMAZING project!!!!!!

I just love the moon and the detail my camera gets on a clear night! #NoFilter #Moon #Lunar

Front row seat at the @LouDPhillips event last night, such a great guy and very entertaining! #FirstContactConventions #LouDiamondPhillips #Melbourne (at Rydges Hotel Melbourne)

#LaterGram, last nights Fireworks at Harbour Town, my first attempt at catching Fireworks with my Sony camera. (at Harbour Town Melbourne)

Caught this great shot of the flames outside Crown Casino in Melbourne #NoFilter

#LaterGram - Amazing street art in Hosier Lane, Melbourne! Love this fantastic Mike Wazowski from #MonstersInc #MonstersUniversity (at Hosier Lane)

Fun at the #MelbourneStar with @SanctuaryAngel and @thunder67au! #NoFilter #AsIs #Melbourne #Photography #FerrisWheel #ObservationWheel

Today is a sad day for the world with the death of #RobinWilliams my day has felt like this, with more tears… such a loss to the world, he will be missed! #RIP

I had so much fun helping @misguided_roses with #gishwhes the last week, this photo of our big bird nest and @lucysdiamondskies nesting in it is my favourite 😊

First lot of finished cards I have made, not bad for something new! #Drawing #Abstract #Colourful #GreetingCards

I love how Ming-Na Wen & I did unintentional before and after shots! Before I called her the Cavalry and then afterwards… agentsofshield​ #DontCallMayTheCavalry

Sat down in @mingna_wen’s panel and my camera stopped working, lucky I had a back up! #Supanova

#ThrowbackThursday to all of these! Conventions are awesome & I have so many wonderful memories & friends from these experiences!

My awesome #Continuum cap signed by @ticklenichols for @Quinn_Archer’s kickstarter campaign